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Pelican Insurance Brokers (K) Limited has more than 40 years experience and desires to offer a broader depth of products to better serve their clients’ needs. We can meet clients’ insurance needs at their home; place of business, or online. And with the latest technology available, we are able to send reminders via bulk message services to our customers to ensure they are updated on their policies, renewals, and claims.

At Pelican Insurance Brokers (K) Limited, we ensure to take a needs-based evaluation to determine what, if any, insurance products are needed by our clients. Customers can rest assured that they will purchase only products that truly meet their needs and are legitimately warranted.

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Our Vision

Our Vision is to become a global leader in the provision of effective consultancy services on insurance and risk management.

Our Mission

Pelican Insurance Brokers (K) Limited Mission is to provide effective consultancy services on insurance and risk management.

Our Products

At Pelican Insurance Brokers (K) Ltd, We offer the following products and More

Medical Insurance

This policy provides cover for Hospitalization as a result of injury or disease. The policy has two options namely inpatient and outpatient.


NOTE: To quote on this class we will require the ages, benefits and limits desired.

Fidelity Guarantee

Fidelity Guarantee is a cover that offers protection against loss of money or goods from business premises, through dishonest / fraudulent acts of an employee.
NOTE: Here we need to know people who will be entrusted with handling of money and their limits

Fire and Perils Policy

A Fire policy (basic cover) will provide cover for damage or destruction to insured property by Fire, lightning or explosion of domestic appliances.

Note: To quote on this we will need the inventory to get the total sum insured/total value of your assets.

Professional Indemnity cover

The Professional Indemnity Policy covers awards arising out of court judgments, defense costs, loss of documents, fees and expenses.

The insured will choose a limit of cover in line with the nature of projects/contracts that they normally undertake or the size of the pension scheme funds that they manage


We work with all major licensed underwriters.
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